About Michelle Ma

Michelle Ma was born in FuShun, Liaoning Province, mainland China.

As early as the age of eight Michelle began to paint traditional Chinese ink painting on rice paper. She learnt this skill from a local Master in Chinese ink painting.

In 2000, Michelle graduated from LiaoNing University, majoring in English. Her studies gave her the opportunity to explore the creative world beyond China. 

Then in 2007, Michelle moved to Singapore, a dynamic South East Asian country enriched with an emerging and vibrant art culture. She quickly found herself connecting with local art communities that enabled her to develop her passion.

She has since transferred her creativity by painting canvasses with dazzling oil colors that stimulate emotions. 

Michelle's international journey has allowed her to combine Eastern and Western cultures. Through her work she continues to remind herself of the fascinating and influential Manchurian history, that she once knew and was told. 

Michelle is a proud mother of two young children to her Australian husband.