Small Scale Oil Painting Classes/Individual

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in the studio.jpg

Small Scale Oil Painting Classes/Individual


There is a small scale oil painting class (limited to 6 persons only) from the artist in her studio. The artist will be sharing her knowledge and passion with you in a small scale studio class. All the art material are included ( the student feel free to bring their own favorite too) Coffee, tea and light refreshment will be available during the class hours.

You will be learning

  • Basic knowledge of various art mediums such as acrylic, oil, water color and Chinese Inkwash

  • Fundamental knowledge in oil painting and its relationship in various style and practice

  • Art history of modern art and contemporary art and its impact on our daily life

  • Basic colour theory, light and shape and their application/relationship in oil painting work

  • Learn some techniques on how to get loose with our mind and stroke

  • Palette knife oil painting and techniques

  • Guide you through the journey from blank canvas panic to your own masterpiece creation

  • Create your own master pieces out of your favorite images or imaginations

  • Share the tips of how to avoid those common mistakes from the most beginners

  • How to train our own eyes to see more out of this beautiful world

  • Oil Painting shipment and protection

  • Art exhibition management ( optional) if you are planning one yourself in the future.

  • Class in the studio is open for booking every Monday, Wed, Friday, Sunday: 14:00-16:30pm between 24 June till 12 August 2018.

  • Please whatsapp 85253592 or email at least 48 hours in advance for booking.

    Occasionally there will be some photos taken during the classes for the artist’s own social media marketing usage. Please kindly indicate if you have any question regarding it.

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