In the past few weeks, everyone is surrounded by Christmas and its festival atmosphere. We have all busy with present shopping, wrapping, bubbles or planning holiday to a relaxing destination etc. 

For me, Christmas has a special meaning. 14 years ago on a Christmas Eve,  I had made a decision to leave my dreamed city, the capital of China - Beijing (there was no haze at that time there) to pursue my corporate career with the biggest project of Shell in China in a small fishing village in Canton . Ever since, as long as I had a chance of travel northwards, I always find time to stay in Beijing for few days to explore or revisit my found memories.  

One of my favourite places I missed dearly is Beijing People’s Art Theatre (北京人民艺术剧院) which was established in 1952. Over the half century, it has been bringing much classic plays both from Chinese and West to people.  

Recently I found out that Beijing People’s Art Theatre is coming to Singapore with  one of the best shows at the Esplanade in March 2017.  

An exploration of national Chinese culture that is thought-provoking, reflective and enlightening. Gu Xiang, renowned Chinese author

Inheritance meets ingenuity in a compelling tale revolving around one of Beijing’s most iconic dishes.

After successful presentations of Teahouse (2015), and Savage Land (2016),  Beijing People’s Art Theatre returns to Esplanade to present Top Restaurant, a well-loved play with international acclaim that chronicles the ups and downs of a Peking duck restaurant over half a century, epitomising the colourful cuisine and history of China.

Since its premiere in 1988, the production has received international acclaim and several national awards, been staged more than 500 times and even made into a television drama in China.


Fu Ju De is a well-known Peking duck restaurant established in the Qing dynasty. Its aging boss retires, leaving the restaurant to his two sons and his assistant Wang Zixi. However, the sons have no interest in the restaurant, leaving Wang to recruit Lu Mengshi, a smart young man, to help keep the business running. Having been entrusted with this responsibility, Lu vows to turn the restaurant around into a successful business.

Through years of sweat, hard work and sharp business acumen, the manager of Fu Ju De finally manages to achieve some success. But his biggest test is still yet to come as two squabbling sons of the founding restaurateur come knocking, hungry for a share of the riches…

Last but not least, there are few places in Singapore with very authentic Peking Duck available too. Among all the ducks, Imperial Treasure ranks on high on my list.

Let's enjoy the classic show and try out the duck in 2017!