Commission Me For Your Special Artwork

May I Share A Personal Realisation With You?

Do you know sometimes all it takes to remind ourselves to be bold, to express whats within or to be simply happy, is to look at a painting? But not just any painting, a painting that reflects your unique nature, one that captures your free spirit and by just looking at it...

It reminds you of the struggles you have endured...

The happiness you were fortunate to experience...

And the challenges you have overcome to become a stronger person...

I’m Michelle Ma, I am an oil painter and I would love to tell your story, to capture it onto the canvas. It could be your favourite singer that you admire, a business person who reminds you to strive ahead or simply a breath-taking scenery that reminds you of your last holiday with your children where each sight captured their imaginations and made them smile.

Over the years, I have lived a rather hectic life, travelling from my rural hometown to Beijing, travelling around parts of China before pursuing my passion of painting in Singapore.

Throughout my travels and milestones in my life, I captured precious moments of struggle, joy and change with oil on my palette knife onto the canvas. Even today when I look upon it, it brings back great memories and always makes me smile.

I would love to share my passion and capture for you such precious memories forever on a timeless painting.

Each artwork is a unique gallery grade masterpiece on a high quality stretched canvas on a hardwood frame. These wonderful paintings are made to last and I use only the highest quality and grade of painting oils.

These artworks will make distinctive wall decorations be it at your home, in you office or a cafe filled with people. Whether you desire an artwork that reflects your principles in life, a painting of your loved ones or a historical piece that captures an important time in the world, I’m confident my style will ensure your art piece will not only be a work of beauty but also a talking point for those who gaze upon it.

If you would like to commission a piece of artwork, the process is simple.
Email me at Michelle {@} with your request or contact me at +65 8525 3592.

In your email, please share the following details:

1. Let me know what you have in mind that you would like to be captured in a painting.

If it is based on another artwork, a picture you have taken or your own portrait, simply attach that image to the email. My artworks are normally of sizes 76 cm x 76 cm to 91 cm x 91cm, however if you have a size you want, I will be happy to customise the artwork to your desired size.

2. Let me know how you would like to collect the painting.

 For Singapore commissions, I provide both self-pickup arrangements or delivery to your home, office or any desired location. Once you have emailed me, I will get back to you with a price quote, once we agree, I will start on your masterpiece and within four to eight weeks, taking into consideration the complexity of your artwork and artwork drying time, the art piece will be hanging on your wall for everyone to admire!  In addition, after six months, your seasoned artwork will receive a complimentary varnish lamination to further enhance its beauty and make it last virtually forever under the humid conditions of Singapore.

For International customers, I work with couriers who transport art so we can arrange safe delivery of your new artwork.  

I look forward to painting your story.

Yours Truly,
Michelle Ma Xiao Ling

Michelle Ma Studio Painting