Freedom Lies In Being Bold

When was the last time you were bold and felt truly alive?

Artist Michelle Ma and Her Painting

When we were young, we felt like we had no limits, that the world was ours to conquer, that all we needed to do was to put one foot in front of the other and keep walking. Then gradually we stopped believing, we slowly stopped believing that we what it takes and quietly shut our dreams away.

In the continent of China, filled with 1.3 Billion Hopes & Dreams, where many view money as the singular main goal in life, it is easy to dismiss your passions and conform. Michelle Ma didn’t. Born in 1978 in Fushun Manchuria, hailing from a heritage that leads back to the Warlords era of the Qing dynasty, Michelle felt she was different. Her love of art began at the age of five. By eight she began learning under the apprentice of the famous Chinese Ink Painting Master, Qi Bai Shi.

Each weekend carrying her tools, brushes and paints in a glass bottle, she made the long trek to grow her seeds of passion. Michelle infuses her work with a classical approach while using modern expressionist ideas. This is reflective in her style of strong, bold strokes and colours. She uses the palette knife instead of a brush, to convey her emotions onto the canvas in a strong but yet controlled composition.

Her medium for creation is oil, not only for its forgiving and tolerance in nature but also reflects her hope of the world in the future. Michelle’s work is available in both oil painting versions, which are one of a kind, or in high quality limited-edition fine art canvas prints.