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'Sensing Singapore Seasons' Exhibition

  • The Substation 45 Armenian Street Singapore, 179936 Singapore (map)
sensing singapore exhibition the substation

 I am excited to be exhibiting at 'Sensing Singapore Seasons' presented by The Substation.  Join me from June 10 - 12th to explore the exhibition. Part of the proceeds will be donated to NGO I-India.

“The canvas is the link between myself and whoever is looking at my painting and I feel blessed to touch them hopefully, for life…”

There are no seasons in Singapore”. We all hear this when settling down in Singapore. However, seasons are sensed, lived and felt in many intimate ways. In a multicultural environment like Singapore, people have different climate heritages and therefore diverse perceptions of the climate cycles.

The perception is physical first, as our body needs to adapt to temperatures and humidity levels it is perhaps not used to. It is also mental, an attitude to control the effects of such climate on our state of mind, mood and life rhythms. Finally, it is social, raising awareness on how seasons affect the quality of our life and our participation in the community.

Sensing seasons makes us grow. Our mind gets refreshed by triggering new emotions in response to changing life rhythms. Seasons talk about transitions that unleash new perspectives to tell new personal stories.

Seasons are not about Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Seasons are about the intimate relationship with the environment. Close or distant. Serene or intense. Rigid or flexible. Accepted or suffered. Rooted in the past or lived in the present. How aware are you of your season sensors?

Artists from Sensing Singapore Seasons exhibition substation

We are a group of artists, from China, Southern Europe, India/USA and Latin America. We bring different climate memories, rich perceptions of environmental variations and diverse approaches to seasonality.
Naturally we have different artistic styles and ways to illustrate seasons in Singapore.

Bring along your curiosity to discover our stories and reflect on how you breathe Singapore seasons.